Student hostels

Student hostels in Prokocim

       Jagiellonian University Medical College Student Hostels in Prokocim include three dormitories situated at ul. Badurskiego 13, 15 and 17 in the Prokocim district. All the three hostels are located 10 kilometers away from university facilities and University Hospital, and in proximity of the Polish-American Institute of Pediatrics, Faculty of Pharmacy and the JU MC Medical Library. You can enjoy a panorama of Kraków from the windows of the hostels, and with good weather, even of the Tatra Mountains.

Student hostel at ul. Racławicka 9a

       The JU MC Student Hostel is situated right in the heart of Kraków, just a fifteen-minute walk away from the Main Market Square (Rynek Główny), and a few-minute drive from the Railway and Bus Station, which makes it a very convenient accommodation. The Hostel can house up to 200 students during academic year (from October till June), and in case of vacancies, the accommodation places are let to tourists. The Hostel also has guest rooms available to tourists all year round.