March 15, 2014
The Jagiellonian University Medical College Rowing Club yet again presented great results in this weekend’s two ergometer rowing championships. The team was represented both in the II All-Poland Championships of Medical Universities in Indoor Rowing (II Mistrzostwa Polski Uczelni Medycznych na Ergometrze Wioślarskim) in Szczecin on March 15, 2014, and in Kraków for the Academic Championship of Małopolska 2013/2014 (II rzut Zawodów w Ergometrze Wioślarskim Akademickich Mistrzostw Małopolski 2013/2014) on March 16, 2014. In Szczecin, among the best performances was Signe Bjornsgaard’s impressive 2nd place in the girl’s lightweight class. Everyone on the team performed very well both in Szczecin and Kraków and improved their records, which shows that they have worked well trough the winter and are ready for this years regattas. What is even more pleasing are their achievements as a team, with 3rd place for the girls and 4th place for the boys in the running for best school team. Participants from the School of Medicine in English, Faculty of Medicine, Jagiellonian University Medical College were: Paweł Osak, Magdelena Pieprzyca, Anna Bazan, Signe Bjornsgaard, Mari Husom Vonen, Maria Engelsen, Eirik Andersen, Sturla Sandøy, Michael Pihl, Sondre Busund (in Szczecin), Turid Rygh, Malene Lystad, Therese Broch, Mathilde Thorleifsson, Ole Jakob Sletten, Jonas R. Sandbu, Didrik Skjelland, Edward Bolstad, Henrik K. Loe, Jens Vikse, Mikkel Kragh-Sørensen and Peder Juell (in Kraków).

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