New Seat of the University Hospital

New Seat of the University Hospital it’s currently the largest medical investment in Europe: 108 thousand square meters, 20 operating theaters, 31 clinical wards, 28 outpatient clinic, 925 beds, didactic base (lecture hall seating 250 people, two 40-people classrooms, and seminar rooms in hospital departments). The new University Hospital consists of a series of modules to enable better integration of diagnostic, therapeutic, scientific and research activities.

There will be seminar rooms in each clinical ward. It will be easier to conveniently arrange seminars and clinical classes with patients there.

Thanks to this investments, thanks to the direct vicinity of the Children’s Hospital, the renovated dormitories, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Center for Innovative Medical Education this area will become in a 2019-2020 the heart of Krakow’s medicine, the medical campus of the Jagiellonian University Medical College


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